Apocalypse Scorpion Red Pepper

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Red Apocalypse peppers are huge, pimpled red fruit produced in abundance on huge, vigorous bushes. Fruit looks like warty Scorpion pepper on steroids. Bushes produce fruit continually over the season.  Highly prized for making hot sauces. 1,000,000+ SHU

CAUTION: These peppers are extremely hot. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the safe cultivation and consumption of these peppers. 

Super Hot Pepper Care Information- Plant Super Hot pepper plants in a full sun area well-draining soil. These pepper plants can be planted in the ground or in a large pot. Super hot peppers are heavy nutrient feeders, a regular watering and fertilizing schedule is recommended for pepper production. We recommend using a fertilizer with Cal-Mag to support flowering and fruiting super hot peppers. Avoid frost and overhead watering