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Pepper San Felipe Pueblo

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Another New Mexico variety that has been cultivated by American Indians for centuries near Albequerque. These peppers can be used green (sweeter) or red. Toast them, fry them, stuff them, dry them, just enjoy them! Bushes grow to 2 feet tall.  3 to 4" long, 1" wide peppers.

According to Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles, "this Native chile is from the San Felipe Pueblo. A Pueblo is an Historic Indian Settlement that is still lived in today! The Elevation of San Felipe is 5,200 feet which is a short drive north of Bernalillo, New Mexico. The Pueblo of San Felipe lies along the banks of the Rio Grande river and is home to many small farmers. The Pueblo was named in 1591 by a Castano de Sosa who named it after a Jesuit Priest who was martyred in Japan."

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Fully rooted pepper plant in a 3" pot.

Plant your pepper plants in a full-sun area in well-drained soil in a large pot or in the ground. Water regularly and fertilize to yield the best crop. Avoid overhead watering.


'Know this, that by growing and sharing these Native species we are keeping them around for future generations.' - Jim Duffy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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