Pepper Tepin

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These small, 1/4" round peppers are usually dried and crushed, then used in soups and stews. Birds love to feast on these little beauties. Plants do well in pots. 

50,000 SHU

According to Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles, "these plants are considered wild chiles and can withstand our Southwestern winters to give you years of chiles. The heat level rivals most habaneros. Pods ripen to a dark red and get up to over .25 in diameter. They grow well in pots with a well drained soil mix."

Fully rooted pepper plant in a 3" pot. Plant your pepper plants in a full-sun area in well-drained soil in a large pot or in the ground. Water regularly and fertilize to yield the best crop. Avoid overhead watering.

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'Know this, that by growing and sharing these Native species we are keeping them around for future generations.' - Jim Duffy, Refining Fire Chiles