Tomato Plant Variety List 2022

Below is the list of tomato varieties we currently have available for in person shopping at the Farm Store.


We are located at the

Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch

4102 South University Drive, Pomona, CA 91768.

We are open from 10am-6pm, daily for in-person shopping.


Cal Poly Pomona Nursery Tomato List 
 Updated 6/21/2022      
Variety Color Style Characteristics Growth habit
Black Strawberry* Red/Purple Cocktail Open-Pollinated Indeterminate
Blush Orange Cocktail   Indeterminate
Brad's Atomic Grape Multi-colored Grape   Indeterminate
Bush Champion 2 VFFA Red Slicer   Determinate
Bush Early Girl Red Slicer   Determinate
Clear Pink Pink Slicer Heirloom Determinate
Dark Galaxy* Purple Cocktail   Indeterminate
Gold Nugget Yellow Cherry   Determinate
Health Kick* Red Cocktail Hybrid Determinate
Husky Red Red Cocktail   Indeterminate
Martino's Roma Red Cooking Heirloom Determinate
Sun Gold Orange Cherry   Indeterminate
Tiger "Cherry Roma" Red Cherry   Indeterminate
Totem Red Slicer Hybrid Determinate
Tumbler Cherry Red Cherry   Determinate
Tumbling Tom Red Red Cherry Hybrid Determinate
Tumbling Tom Yellow Yellow Cherry Hybrid Indeterminate
Vernissage Pink Pink Cherry   Indeterminate