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Berry Variety List 2024

Cal Poly Pomona Nursery At The Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch 
Dave Wilson Berry Variety List 2024 

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The list below is for fruiting plants that are available NOW for in person shopping only.  

Updated 05/15/2024

Note:  These are in Tree Pots in which the pots are 4-inch x 4-inch x 9-inch high.


Baby Cakes® Blackberry 5-gallon pot $44.99 (2 available)
A dwarf, bush blackberry perfect for the patio pot. This thornless variety produces large, sweet berries in the summer often with a second crop in most regions. U.S. plant patent # 27,032. Self-fruitful. Zones 4-9. Est. chill requirement 400 hours.
Black Satin Blackberry Tree Pot $19.49  SOLD OUT
Thornless - Large firm berries 1.5" to 2", glossy black color fading to dull when ripe. Highly productive, semi-trailing vine with minimal suckering. Midseason harvest. Self- fruitful, but more productive with a second variety. Best in zones 5-9.
Chester Blackberry Tree Pot $19.49  SOLD OUT
Thornless - Very large, sweet, high quality fruit. Flavorful even prior to peak ripeness. Semi-trailing growth habit, disease resistant. Well-known for winter hardiness. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 5-7; however, good production and flavor noted in zones 8–10.
Marion Blackberry Tree Pot $19.49  SOLD OUT
Medium to large size firm, sweet, bright berries. Excellent for fresh and dessert use. Rated by many as the best pie berry. Long harvest June through summer. Cross of Olallieberry developed in Oregon where it is a major commercial variety. Very long, vine-like canes require support. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 6 - 9
Prime Ark Freedom® Blackberry  5-Gallon $39.99 (1 available)
First thornless primocane blackberry, from U of Arkansas. Large fruit with good flavor, floricane fruit ripens early July. New canes (primocanes) begin fruiting mid-August in years when summer heat is not excessive. For home gardens and local markets; short storage life. Upright growth habit, but may require some support. USDA Zones 5-9. Pat. No. 26990.
Snowbank (White) Blackberry SOLD OUT
(“Iceberg White”) Creamy white fruit with full blackberry flavor. Parentage dates back to the 1890’s as Luther Burbank hybridized various pale blackberries. Thorny. USDA Zones 5-9.
Triple Crown Blackberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
Thornless - Named for its three crowning attributes: flavor, productivity and vigor. Large, firm and flavorful berries. Can produce up to 30 lbs. of fruit per vine. Great for fresh use and canning. Long, semi-trailing canes require support. Highly adaptable. Summer harvest. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 5-10.
Emerald Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 (2 available)
Produces abundant clusters of large to very large berries with tasty, balanced sweet flavor. Very productive and highly rated. Zones 7-10. Self-fruitful. Estimated at 250 hours chill or less. (U.S. Plant Patent #12165)
Jelly Bean® Blueberry Tree Pot $21.49 (6 available)
Medium to large flavorful blueberries that harvests mid-summer. Unique, elongated leaves make this compact grower great for the edible landscape or patio pot. Self-fruitful. Zones 4-9. Est. chill requirement 600 hours or less. U.S. plant patent no. 24662.
Jewel Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
One of California's leading commercial varieties due to its high adaptability. Exceptional growth and high yields. Midseason harvest of large to very large berries with tangy sweet flavor. Chill requirement estimated at 200 hours. Self-fruitful, zones 7-10. (U.S Plant Patent #11807)
Jubilee Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 (12 available)
Southern Highbush. Midseason, sweet, firm berry. Upright and quite compact, with fruit borne on the outer periphery of the bush. Chilling requirement is estimated at 400-500 hours.
Misty Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 (10 available)
Southern Highbush. Early season. In the West Misty is quite vigorous, growing very well on the coast and in the inland heat. This especially flavorful fruit does well in areas with chilling as low as 150 hours and all areas with mild winters and hot summers.
O'Neal Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
Southern Highbush (low chill, tolerates heat). Large fruit is especially sweet and flavorful. Early season. Soil must be acidic, high in humus. 5-6 ft. bush. 200 hours. Self-fruitful, but plant two varieties for largest crops.
Peach Sorbet® Blueberry Tree Pot $21.49 (14 available)
This compact-growing blueberry is a stunner: leaves of peach, pink, orange and emerald green. White bell-shaped flowers in spring, followed by sweet, medium size blueberries in summer. Mounded shape, growing to 1 1/2 -2 ft. In most climates, the leaves are held throughout winter, turning to a rich purple color. Est. chill requirement 300 hrs or less. USDA zones 5-10. Self-fruitful. U.S. Plant Pat. No.23325.
Pink Icing® Blueberry Tree Pot $21.49 (22 available)
Sweet, large berries that harvest in early summer. The new foliage is pink before turning green, eventually turning an iridescent turquoise in the winter. This attractive, compact growing plant is ideal for the patio pot. Self-fruitful. Zones 5-10. Est. chill requirement 500 hours or less. U.S. plant patent no. 23336.
Pink Lemonade Northern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
A hybrid of Rabbiteye and Southern Highbush. A recently released selection developed in the 1970s by U.S.D.A. Beautiful interior and exterior pink colors develop with peak ripeness. Unique sprightly sweet flavor - highly desired by dessert chefs. Used as contrast with blue varieties. Zones 4-9. Self-fruitful. Est. chill requirement 300 hours.
Reveille Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 (15 available)
Southern Highbush. Midseason. DWN house favorite. This berry has pleasing crunchy texture and excellent flavor. Chilling hours are listed at 400-500 hours.
Sharpblue Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
Southern highbush. Excellent flavor. Nearly evergreen in mild winter climates. Bears fruit nearly year-round. Vigorous plant to 6 ft. Dime-sized dark blue fruit. 200 hours.
Sunshine Blue Southern Highbush Blueberry SOLD OUT
Southern highbush. Great flavored firm berries. Ripens May 10 through June 15 at Gainesville, Florida. Semi-dwarf evergreen bush with great fall color. Showy hot pink flowers fade to white in spring. Self-fruitful. Estimated chilling required 150 hours, but very cold hardy as well.
Top Hat Southern Highbush Blueberry Tree Pot $19.49 (32 available)
Northern Highbush hybrid, a lowbush dwarf variety growing to 16-24" tall. Medium, firm, sweet, light blue berries that last for several weeks. Good flavor. Completely covered with white, bell shaped flowers for several weeks. Great fall color. Self-fruitful. Perfect for growing in a pot on the patio or indoors in a sunny window. Hardy in USDA Zones 3-8.
Boysenberry Thornless 5-gallon pot $44.99 (1 available)
Rubus ursinus var. loganobaccus, a hybrid of blackberry, raspberry, dewberry and loganberry. Very large berry up to 2.5", dark maroon in color with an intense, tangy, sweet flavor. Excellent quality with few seeds and a pleasant aroma. Vine-like trailing growth habit. Harvest through summer. Self-fruitful, best in zones 5-10. 
Blueberry Grape Tree Pot $18.49 SOLD OUT
Heirloom variety from Chico, CA similar to a seedless Concord. Small to medium with distinct blueberry overtones. Medium-sized clusters color up in August, but develop best flavor when left on the vine during hot autumn weather. Good shelf life when refrigerated. Use for jams, raisins, fresh eating.
Canadice Seedless Grape Tree Pot $18.49  SOLD OUT
Early ripening red seedless grape derived from Himrod. Extremely winter hardy. First choice seedless grape for cold winter climates. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Spur prune.
Chardonnay Grape Tree Pot $18.49 SOLD OUT
For white burgundy wines. Small round berry. Best quality where summers are cool. Vigorous vine, Very cold hardy. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane prune.
Ruby Seedless Grape Tree Pot $18.49  SOLD OUT
Dark red, sweet, crisp, excellent fresh or for raisins. Ripens after Thompson Seedless. Requires less summer heat than Thompson or Flame. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane or spur prune.
Suffolk Red Seedless Grape SOLD OUT
Russian seedless x American. Hardier than European grapes, less heat to ripen. Largest berries of the hybrids. Early, excellent quality. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane prune
Thompson Seedless Grape Tree Pot $18.49 SOLD OUT
Most popular grape in CA, AZ. Fresh and raisins. Pale green, very sweet. Thin the clusters for larger berries. Needs plenty of heat. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane prune.
Zinfandel Grape Tree Pot $18.49  SOLD OUT
For fruity red wines. Medium size, round, juicy, reddish-black berry, early midseason. Prefers mild winters, cool summer. Heavy bearing. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane or spur prune.
Goji Berry SOLD OUT
Lycium barbarum (aka Wolfberry) Highly acclaimed for high nutrient and antioxidant value. Recently termed a superfood. Ripe berries can be used fresh, dried, frozen and in teas. Goji has an appealing spicy, nutty flavor. Berries are bright red-orange when ripe. Harvest summer through fall. Shrubby plant to 8-12 ft. or prune to desired manageable size. Hardy to sub-zero and very drought tolerant once established. Requires neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Well adapted to container growing. Self-fruitful. USDA Zones 4-11.
Issai Hardy Kiwifruit SOLD OUT
Actinidia arguta 'Issai' . Fuzzless fruit: no need to peel. Smaller than the standard kiwi, often sweeter. Very high in vitamin C. Much more winter hardy than Hayward. New growth tender to frost, but plant recovers quickly. Often sets fruit the first year. 300 hours. Self-fruitful.
Jenny Fuzzy Kiwifruit SOLD OUT
Actinidia deliciosa. The first self-fertile fuzzy kiwi! Large, pubescent, heart-shaped leaves. The vine grows to 15-20 ft. Egg-shaped fruit with fuzzy brown skin and green flesh. Harvest late summer/early fall.
Baba Red Raspberry Tree Pot $19.49 (7 available)
Everbearing Red Raspberry - Extra large berries up to 1 1/2" long. Wonderful warm weather variety particularly well suited to Southern California’s coastal and inland valleys. Fine flavor and good for all uses. Bears heavy crop May-July with a smaller late summer crop through fall. Hardy to zero degrees. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 6-11.
Caroline Raspberry SOLD OUT
Summer through fall bearing, red berry with exceptional flavor. Primocane type, produces on new wood. Large yields. More tolerant to phytophthora root rot than Heritage. Best when given afternoon shade.
Fall Gold Raspberry Tree Pot $19.49  SOLD OUT
Everbearing - Hybrid of Taylor X wild Korean mountain berry X Fall Red. Large to very large golden berries of excellent flavor. Extremely sweet and soft textured. Very adaptable and winter hardy. Harvest June through fall. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 4-11.
Heritage Raspberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
Everbearing - Large, sweet, dark red berries. Mild flavor and excellent quality. Good for all uses. Moderate early crop in June, July. Heavier late crop August through fall. Berries keep well on or off the vine. Upright growth habit. Self-fruitful. Best in Zones 4-11.
Jewell Black Raspberry Tree Pot $19.49 (7 available)
Produces compact clusters of large to very large fruit. Rich raspberry flavor. Very high quality, good for pies, preserves and fresh use. May-June harvest. Vigorous, hardy vines are the most disease resistant of all black raspberries. Upright habit, no support required. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 4-11.
Nova Red Raspberry Tree Pot $19.49 SOLD OUT
Medium size dark red fruit. Mild flavor. Firm when ripe and very suited for U-pick, fresh market and freezing. Bears early May, June. Disease resistant, very cold hardy. Very few thorns. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 3 - 9, but also has done well in zones 10 and 11.
Raspberry Shortcake® Raspberry Tree Pot $21.49  SOLD OUT
This dwarf, thornless bush raspberry thrives in a patio pot or in the landscape. It produces an abundant crop of sweet raspberries in midsummer. Self-fruitful. Zones 4-9. Est. chill requirement 500 hours or less. U.S. plant patent no. 22141.


Chandler Strawberry 4 1/4" pot $4.49                                                                        Bred especially for California, the Carolinas and the southern gardens.These early midseason June-bearing strawberries are a good choice for fresh pickings of homegrown, bright red, flavorful fruit. Firm, large and beautifully shaped, these berries are especially appealing in fresh fruit trays.  Grows 6 to 8 inches high and 12 to 18 inches wide in full sun with rich soil and good drainage, and moderate water.                                                                                                                                         

Honeoye Strawberry 4 1/4" pot $4.49                                                                        Honeoye strawberry plant is from the Cornell Research Station, Geneva, NY, and has been a top variety for over 30 years. It combines winter hardiness, high productivity, good appearance and color, together with an excellent, firm, large-sized berry. The large berries are easy to pick and the plants produce high yields over a long fruiting season, making it our most consistent berry producer. Home gardeners will also appreciate its excellent freezing quality. Optimum flavor is produced by growing this variety in medium to light soil. Honeoye is a vigorous plant with no soil-disease resistance. It remains our #1-selling, early-midseason variety. Grows 6 to 8 inches high and 10 to 12 inches wide in full sun with rich soil and good drainage, and moderate water.           

Sequoia Strawberry 4 1/4" pot $4.49                                                                          "Extended Junebearing" better describes this variety as it usually produces for several weeks longer than traditional junesbearers. Arguably the most flavorful variety for the home garden and an added bonus is that the fruit is huge! The large berries should be eaten fast as they does not store well but with flavor this robust, it's never a issue! Released by the University of California in 1968 and proven hardy on the Front Range. Hardy to -30°F.  Grows 6 to 8 inches high and 10 to 12 inches wide in full sun with rich soil and good drainage, and moderate water.  

The list above is for fruiting plants that are available for in person shopping only at the Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch. 

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