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Papaya Plant Care

Papaya Plant Care

To successfully grow Papayas, you need a frost-free climatelots of sunlight, lots of water and good soil. If you give your plant all these conditions, then you can grow a papaya.

Growing Tips for Papayas:

Climate: Thrive in subtropical and tropical climates. They do not tolerate freezing temperatures and are damaged or killed if temperatures go below 32 degrees.

Pollination: The female plants produce fruit and may be cross pollinated with others by insects and wind. There are plants that may be self-pollinating (bi-sexual or hermaphrodite).

Growth Habit: The papaya is a short lived, fast growing woody plant. They generally have a single trunk and grow 10 to 15 feet tall, but some plants have been known to grow taller.

Sun Light: Grow best in full sun. Papayas love the heat and sunlight.

Fertilize: Papayas are heavy feeders and require regular fertilizing when warmAdding compost is also recommended.

Water: Papayas have large soft leaves and evaporate a lot of water in warm weather, so they need above average watering.

Soil: Papayas do best in rich soil that is high in organic matter. Make sure your planting location and soil has good drainage to avoid root rot.

Harvesting: Generally, fruit is picked when there is 1/5 to 1/3 color change in the fruit. After picking, keep at room temperature to fully ripen. Ripe fruit will keep 4 to 7 days in the refrigerator.

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