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Vanilla Orchid Plant Care

Vanilla Bean Orchid Plant Care                                                    

This novel orchid is a vining, tropical plant that produces the pod we all call a vanilla bean. It is not for the novice gardener but makes an excellent addition to the orchid hobbyist's collection.

  • Needs to be supported. In the wild it would attach itself to trees.
  • Give it bright indirect light.
  • Keep above 60 degrees. They prefer between 70-90 degrees.
  • Fertilize regularly with a 7-9-5 fertilizer with occasional leaching.
  • When watering, the support and orchid bark are watered so the air roots as well as the orchid bark have access to moisture. Generally, the orchid bark is allowed to dry a little between watering to help avoid root diseases.
  • If needed repot in medium orchid bark.
  • Flowering is initiated by the vine reaching the top of its support & cascading down.
  • Flowers need to be hand pollenated to produce beans.

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