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Dragon Fruit Inventory has been delayed in coming out this Season.  We do not have an estimated date of release.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  


Coming soon in 2024



Coming Soon

for in person shopping in the Farm Store Nursery


Tomatozania - March 16, 2024

Many Varieties of Tomato Plants 

Click this link for the Tomato Variety List 2024


New Stock of Dave Wilson Fruit Trees - April 6, 2024

Apple, Apricot, Aprium, Asian Pear, Cherry, Multi-Grafted, Nectarine, Peach, Pluerry, Plum, Plumcot, and Pluot Trees

Click this link for the Fruit Tree Variety List 2024


Pepperzania - New Date - April 27, 2024 

Due to the many rainy and overcast days, we are rescheduling the Pepperzania 

Sweet & Hot Pepper Plant Sale  to begin on April 27th, 2024  

(The original date was April 13th) 

for in-person shopping at the  

Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store Nursery. 

We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. We are disappointed that the plants will not be on schedule, but overall, this is the best decision for plant health and quality for our customers. The extra time and warmer night-time temperatures will produce a high-quality plant, allowing our customers to grow a successful Pepper crop. 

Click this link for the Sweet and Hot Pepper Variety List 2024 



Dave Wilson Fruit Trees Mid to late May 2024

Jujube, Mulberry, and Persimmon Trees


The Ultimate Pepper Plant Event June 8, 2024

which includes many varieties of Super-Hot Pepper Plants

(including varieties of Carolina Reaper, Ghost, Habaneros & Trinidad Scorpion)

Click this link for the Super-Hot Pepper Plant Variety List 2024





Plants for the dates above will be available 

for in person shopping 

at Cal Poly Pomona Nursery at the 

Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch 


Click here it see 'What's currently available in the Nursery for in person shopping?'





















NOTE that we do not have a Phytosanitary Certificate that is needed for plants to be shipped or taken outside of California.


Shipping is ONLY available inside California.

We ship on Mondays, orders must be recieved by Sunday night.


We require a one day advance for Curbside Pick-Up orders for the earliest pick-up time.


Shipping & Curbside Pick Up is ONLY available for Online Orders


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