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Pepper Plant Variety List 2023

Pepper Plants are coming soon!

In-person shopping for Sweet & Hot Pepper Plant Sales start April 29th at 10am 

at the Farm Store Nursery


We are located at the

 Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch

 4102 South University Drive, Pomona, CA 91768.


Pepper variety availability are subject to change based on current inventory. 

Pepper Plants are in 4 1/4" pots for $5.49 or $6.49 each depending on variety.

Updated 6/5/2023 

 Low Stock   or  Sold Out 

Amazing 2 Asian  
Basket of Fire Asian  
Cayenne Blend Asian  
Cayenne Golden Asian  
Cayenne Joe's Long Asian  
Cayenne Large Red Thick Asian  
Cayenne Long Slim Asian  
Cayenne Long Thin Asian  
Cayennetta Asian  
Chinese Five Color Asian  
Dragon Roll Asian  
Fushimi Sweet Asian  
Mellow Star Asian  
Red Ember Asian  
Red Flame Asian  
Ring of Fire Asian  
Shishito Asian  
Shishito Takara Asian  
Super Khi Asian Sold Out
Thai Burupa Asian Sold Out
Thai Hot Asian  
Thai Super Chili Asian  
Anaheim Hatch  
Big Jim Hatch  
Biggie Hatch  
Charger Hatch  
Fresno Chili Hatch  
Hatch Red Hatch Sold Out
Numex Joe E Parker Hatch  
Jalapeno Jalapeno  
Jalapeno "M" Mild Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Black Magic Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Chipotle Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Craig's Grande Jalapeno  
Jalapeno El Jefe Jalapeno  
Jalapeno El Rey Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Gigantia Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Hot Early Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Jalafuego Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Jaloro Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Jedi Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Mucho Nacho Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Nadapeno Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Numex Jalmundo Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Orange Spice Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Purple Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Tajin Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Tam Jalapeno  
Jalapeno Tricked you Jalapeno  
Ancho 101 Poblano/Mole  
Ancho San Luis Poblano/Mole  
Bastan Poblano/Mole  
Guajillo Poblano/Mole Sold Out
Holy Mole Poblano/Mole  
Mulato Poblano/Mole  
Padron Poblano/Mole  
Pasilla Bajio Poblano/Mole  
Poblano/Ancho Poblano/Mole  
Santa Fe Grande Poblano/Mole  
Altiplano Serrano  
Impala Serrano Serrano  
Serrano Serrano  
Serrano Tampiqueno Serrano  
Acoma Pueblo Speciality  
Aji Amarillo Speciality  
Aji Ayuyo Speciality  
Aji Cachucha Speciality  
Aji Chaparita Speciality  
Aji Chombo Speciality  
Aji Cristal Speciality  
Aji Dulce Speciality  
Aji Ecuador Orange Speciality  
Aji Lemon Drop Speciality  
Aji Peruvian Orange Speciality  
Aleppo Speciality  
Biquinho Red Speciality  
Biquinho White Speciality  
Biquinho Yellow Speciality  
Bishop's Cap Speciality  
Black Hungarian Speciality  
Brazilian Starfish Speciality  
Buena Mulata Speciality  
Cherio Do Norte Speciality  
Cherry Bomb Speciality  
Corbaci Speciality  
Cubanelle Speciality  
Datil Speciality  
De Agua Speciality  
De Arbol Speciality Sold Out
El Oro Equador Speciality  
Fish Speciality  
Garden Salsa - Hybrid Speciality  
Hot Coloro (Floral Gem) Speciality  
Hot Lemon Speciality  
Hungarian Hot Wax Speciality  
Hungarian Sweet Wax Speciality  
Italian Roaster Speciality  
Jimmy Nardello Italian Speciality  
Giant Aconcagua Speciality  
Giant Macaroni Speciality  
Golden Greek Speciality  
Habanero Mayan Red Speciality  
Hot Paper Lantern Speciality  
Hot Sunset X3R Speciality  
Kardoula Speciality  
Krimzon Lee Speciality  
Leutschaeur Paprika Speciality  
Mad Hatter Speciality  
Manzano Orange Speciality  
Manzano Red Speciality  
Mexibell Speciality  
Mulato Isleno Speciality  
Murasaki Purple Speciality  
Murupi Great Speciality  
Paquime Speciality  
Peter Speciality  
Purple Serrano Speciality  
Royal Black Speciality  
San Felipe Pueblo Speciality  
Sweet Bonnet Specialty  
Sweet Pickle Speciality  
Sweet Roaster Speciality  
Tepin Speciality  
Tequelia Sunrise Speciality Sold Out
Teseque Pueblo Speciality  
Trinadad Perfume Speciality  
Urfa Biber Speciality  
Wiri Wiri Specialty Sold Out
Bell Better Bell Sweet  
Bell Big Bertha Sweet  
Bell California Wonder Sweet  
Bell Chocolate Beauty Sweet Sold out
Bell Early Golden Summer Sweet  
Bell Emerald Giant Sweet  
Bell Flavorburst Sweet  
Bell Glow Sweet  
Bell Golden Sweet  
Bell Golden Cal Wonder Sweet  
Bell Gourmet Sweet  
Bell Keystone Giant Sweet  
Bell New Ace Sweet  
Bell Northstar Sweet  
Bell Olympus Sweet  
Bell Orange Blaze Sweet  
Bell Orange Sun Sweet  
Bell Purple Beauty Sweet  
Bell Red Beauty Sweet  
Bell Yolo Wonder Sweet  
Cherry Pick Sweet  
Goddess Banana Sweet  
Lunchbox Orange Sweet  
Lunchbox Red Sweet  
Lunchbox Yellow Sweet  
Managanji Sweet  
Pepperoncini Italian Sweet  
Pepperoncini Sweet Italian Sweet  
Pillar Sweet Sweet  
Sweet Banana Sweet  
Sweet Bella HYB Sweet  
Sweet Pimento Sweet


In-person shopping for Sweet & Hot Pepper Plant Sales start April 29th at 10am 

at the Farm Store Nursery 


Note: Our Super-Hot Pepper Plants will be available for in person shopping starting on June 10th, 2023 at the Farm Store Nursery.



Shipping is ONLY available inside California.

We ship on Mondays, orders must be recieved by Sunday night.


We require a one day advance for Curbside Pick-Up orders for the earliest pick-up time.


Shipping & Curbside Pick Up is ONLY available for Online Orders


We only ship Mondays using UPS Ground. For more information please check out our shipping policy. We only ship within California, no exceptions no matter how much you plead and cry. We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UCB bank credit card.